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Dell offers the Dell PowerVault 01x024 Dell Ultrium UCC (Universal Cleaning Cartridges) to make it certain the best long term dependability of the Ultrium LTO Tape drive and Media cartridge. Frequent use in very heavy load and unload cycles decrease the Ultrium tape drive regular performance. And the drive's head also stained with magnetic debris due to continuing exercise with magnetic tape cartridges. Most of the modern day's drive and automatic libraries have embedded with automatic cleaning system and ultra advanced technologies and in a resultant significant decrease in the cleaning requirements. But still there is a need to clean drive heads regularly with reliable Dell Cleaning Tapes to make sure reliable and long lasting operational performance of the Ultrium tape drives.

Dell holds a  reliable, most effective and most successful lineup of cost helpful Linear Tape Open cartridge, A true explanation for your most important and valuable backup and storage requirements. All these Dell LTO Ultrium media cartridges have different generations which are developed and enhanced according to the requirements of the challenging backup and storage environments. The every generation of these cartridges has similar GEN Ultrium tape drives in that order. They need regular and proper maintenance to keep their performance utmost level, The Dell Part Number 01x024 the LTO UCC guaranteed with high quality cleaning,  and this is compatible with all Dell LTO1, LTO 2, LTO-3, LTO4 and LTO5 Ultrium drives. These superior quality cleaning tapes offer excellent consistent performance through a perfect cleaning procedure according to LTO specifications.

The LTO Tapes cleaning process is very simple and straight forward most of the modern day Ultrium tape drives indicate through LED when they required a cleaning process, because the operational software continuing monitoring the drive's Head condition and when stains start to gather on the surface they indicating for cleaning. Start the cleaning process by Just insert the cleaning cartridge into the drive it will take 2~5 minute cleaning time and when the cleaning done the drive will eject LTO Cleaning tapes immediately.

Manufacturer Dell
Part No 01X024
Product Description Dell LTO cleaning Cartridge
Device Type Cleaning Tape
Product Name: Dell Universal Cleaning Tape
Weight 2lb


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