DELL 02H9YH LTO-5 Backup Tape

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Dell 02H9YH LTO-5 offers double capacity form last LTO 4 media tape, with 1.5TB native and 3.0TB compressed data with enhanced and faster data transfer speed of 140MB/Sec native and 280MB/Sec compressed. This high quality fifth generation media tape incessantly tested by the Dells tough conditions and according to the LTO consortium specifications and confirm that it will be compatible with all brands of Ultrium 5 tape drives, automated libraries, and autoloaders. Excellent and enhanced data tracks 1,280 on half inch wide and 846M long tape length get better its reliability with other Ultrium storage structures as well other exited magnetic tape formats. The 02H9YH deliberate to work in all type of locations and unchanging with a powerful and stable 8KB memory chip that is pre install in cartridge and facilitate Ultrium 5 tape, drives to access the most desired data with high speed and safety. These media tapes are cordial with all brands of Ultrium 5 drives and also offers smart backward read and write prospective with Dell LTO 3 and LTO4 tapes. The Dell added a reliable AES 256-bit data encryption functionality that is reliable and most experience in sense of data protection and its loss during transaction of the information. The Dell LTO-5 also available in WORM cartridges those are debuted in LTO 3 and continuing serving this larger and most reliable media formation.

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Product Description DELL 1500GB/3000GB LTO-5 Backup Tape
Product Type Data Cartridge
Height 1.1"
Width 4.4"
Depth 4.5"
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium - LTO-5
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 5 (Read/Write)


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