IBM 3570 Magstar MP Fast Access Linear C-Format XL Extended Length 7GB Prelabeled

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IBM Magstar* MP Fast Access Linear Tape cartridges are the functional heart of the IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem. Designed for use in midrange and server-based multi-user environments, Magstar MP tape offers much faster data access times while improving cartridge handling reliability and data integrity over traditional tape technologies.
Manufacturer IBM 
Part No 08L6663
Product Description IBM 3570 Magstar MP Fast Access Linear C-Format XL Extended Length
Media type Storage media
Media Qty Included 1
Substrate Balanced polyethylene naphthalene (PEN)
Capacity 7GB Native (21GB with compression)
Length 227 meters
Thickness 0.295 mils (7.5 microns)
Durability Long Length 2,000+ read-forward passes
Short Length 120,000+ read-forward passes
Data transfer rates 7.0 MB/sec (up to 15.0 MB/sec compressed)
Data cartridge dimensions 58.8 mm W x 16.2 mm H x 137.1 mm D
Intrinsic coercivity (Hci) 1625 Oersteds (130 kA/m) +/- 75 Oe using VSM with a time constant of 0.3 seconds
Digital/system error characteristics Permanent errors: 0 , Temporary (recoverable) errors: 5 maximum per cartridge
Operating Conditions

10°C to 40 °C,8% RH to 80% RH;

29°C wet bulb maximum


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