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0HC591 is a compact and high feature third generation of Linear Tape Open. These dependable easy-to-handle solid storage cartridges are offering first-rate backup and tough archiving for more than 30 years. The Dell LTO 3 media cartridge offers double capacity form first LTO 2 media tape, with 400GB native and 800GB of compressed through improved and faster data transfer speed of 80MB/Sec native and 160MB/Sec compressed with excellent compression rate of 2:1. This Dell 0HC591 media tape incessantly practicing by the Dells harsh requirement test and verify on all brands of Ultrium 3 tape drives, automated libraries, and autoloaders. Better data tracks 704 on half inch wide and 680M long tape length improve its dependability with other LTO Ultrium storage structures. Dell LTO3 tapes set with a powerful and constant 4KB memory chip, which is set in cartridge and make easy Ultrium 3 tape drives to access the most wanted data with rapid and safe speed. These are sociable with all brands of Ultrium 3 drives, also offers greater backward read, and write ability with Dell LTO 1 and LTO2 tapes. These media cartridges also available in WORM (Write Once Read Many) functional media tape that give exceptional protection to the compliance regulatory data. 

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Product Name DELL LTO-3 Backup Tape 400GB/800GB
Format c

Tape Length

680 m
Native Capacity 400 GB
Compressed Capacity 800 GB
Recording Standard Ultrium 3


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