Imation 3490E Black Watch Tape Cartridge, Pre-labeled

11358 Imation 3490E Black Watch Tape Cartridge, Pre-labeled
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Imation’s textured backcoating on Black Watch brand cartridges safeguards your data by repelling error-causing static electricity. Imation’s backcoating also acts like a cushion to safely absorb wound-in debris to decrease the chance of data loss and minimizes inter-layer slippage for uniform signal output.
Manufacturer Imation
Part No 11358
Product Description Imation 3490E Black Watch Tape Cartridge
Media type Storage media
Substrate PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Substrate 0.52 mils nominal (13.2 microns)
Magnetic coating 0.10 mils nominal (2.5 microns)
Nonmagnetic backcoating 0.04 mils nominal (1.0 microns)
Total 0.66 mils nominal (16.8 microns)

Substrate 0.44 mils nominal (11.6 microns)
Total 0.53 mils nominal (13.7 microns)

Durability Long Length 2,000+ read-forward passes
Short Length 120,000+ read-forward passes
Magnetic Characteristics Intrinsic Coercivity (Hc) 520 Oersteds (39.8 kA/m) ±30 Oe using VSM with time constant of 0.3 seconds.


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