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Imation 15931 LTO Cleaning Tape Cartridge is perfectly designed to protect your valuable time and extra attempt while observance your Ultrium Tape drives spotless and running competently. Imation outstanding technology offers complete dry cleaning process, the Imation UCC is very reliable and easy to use format which enable high quality drive's Head cleaning and keep the head in perfect condition. While the cleaning process is very unique according to the different specification of the Ultrium tape drives. The heavy operation of load and unload data and frequent use of the different cartridges makes the Ultrium drives head dirty with magnetic tape remains and stains with different reasons.

Al though the high quality drives and media cartridges are perfectly build up, in result they do not need much attention. But still the quality of heavy cycles and operating location is not much sufficient, therefore these Ultrium drives need regular cleaning with 15931 Cleaning Tape. Cleaning process just very simple inserts the cartridge into the compatible Ultrium drive and the procedure began automatically and it will take a couple of minutes and drive will eject the cartridge after clean the head.  

The Imation LTO Cleaning cartridge is perfectly compatible with LTO 1, LTO2, LTO-3, LTO4 and LTO-5 GEN Ultrium tape drives. The regular use of these Imation UCC help tape drives running consistently and make it certain the better data integrity. Do not risk your valuable and most important data and keep using the LTO tapes for reliability of drive and cartridge. Imation superior Dry Head Cleaning process that is completely dry and virtually hassle free. Most of the other manufacturer uses different lubricants which are so muddled, and tricky to work with and probably hazardous. offers a wide range of the magnetic and optical backup and storage formats with excellent quality and very competitive price. IT Devices also offer special discount on LTO Cleaning Tapes and other LTO RW and WORM cartridges.
General Information
Manufacturer/Supplier: Imation Corp
Manufacturer Part Number: 15931
Brand Name: Imation
Product Name: 15931 Ultrium LTO-1 Cleaning Cartridge
Product Type: Cleaning Cartridge
Technical Information
Tape Technology: LTO Ultrium - LTO-1
Tape Record Formats: Linear Serpentine
Drive Supported: LTO-1
Media Included Qty: 1
Tape Record Formats: Linear Serpentine
Designed For: Certance DAT 72; DAT 72
Weight 2lb
Environmental Conditions
Min Operating Temperature: 50 °F
Max Operating Temperature: 113 °F
Humidity Range Operating: 10 - 80%
Min Storage Temperature: 60.8 °F
Max Storage Temperature: 89.6 °F


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