FUJI 16008030 LTO-5 Backup Tape

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Fuji 16008030 LTO 5 is the advanced Ultrium storage tape format. Fujifilm remarkable NONOCUBIC coating technique improved capacity and enable Fuji LTO5 to have massive 1.5TB (native) and 3.0TB (Compressed) with the help of increases of 1,280 data tracks, 846M long tape film with standard 12.6mm tape film. Impressive and perfect enhanced fast and protected data transfer speed 140MB/Sec (Native) and 280MB/Sec (Compressed),  increased overall performance with less time to spend on data backup and archive loading and unloading operations. Fuji LTO 5 Ultrium data tape offers transfer speed. The 16008030 media cartridge formats depends a lot on timing support, high accurate servo control to attain its notable performance with read and write. The LTO 5 uses double servo tracks that have been precisely write down the full length of every of its four data bands for excellent position organize and redundancy in the occasion of tape break. The Ultrium LTO 5 cartridge has a built in 8KB memory chip, this improved LTO-CM offers outstanding, committed, and fast access to cartridge required data during very fast load and unload process. The hardware based 256-bit AES encryption gives better and durable data protection during the data transaction, this technology debuted in LTO4 generation and prevent data losses during heavy transaction of information. Another reliable WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality offers high quality protection for compliance regulatory information. The Fuji 16008030 LTO-5 Tape is compatible with Ultrium 5 tape drives, offer backward read, and write compatibility with LTO 3 and LTO 4 generations.

More Brands of LTO-5 Tapes
Product Description Fujifilm 1500GB/3000GB LTO-5 Tape Cartridge
Product Type Data Cartridge
Storage Capacity 1500GB/ (Native)/3000GB (Compressed)
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium - LTO-5
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 5 (Read/Write)


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