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The Maxell 183804 is a universal cleaning cartridge (UCC) which is equipped by reliable and most outstanding permanent component of LTO Ultrium technology, A non contact memory chip or LTO-CM just like other RW and WORM cartridges is built in within UCC. The memory chip offers reliable and important features like stores different information about the manufacturer and usage history of the cartridge. It has an incorporated code that is accepted by the compatible Ultrium drive firmware. The memory chip able to hold the proper record of cleaning and once the cleaning cartridge is used to the dedicated capacity (15~50 which is dependent on Ultrium drives) the Ultrium drive will not use the 183804 Cleaning Tape and will eject and avoid further cleaning.

The continuing use of LTO Ultrium cartridges and Ultrium tape drives in very tough load and unload cycles could decrease the overall performance. Despite the new technologies through enhanced the standards of normal drives and respectfully decrease in maintenance, but still due to sanitized standards of storage environments and frequent use of data storage and retrieval operations make the drive head cleanable. The Maxell LTO Cleaning Cartridges offer excellent and reliable performance to make the drive's life more durable and greater scalability for long term consistency.

These Universal Cleaning Cartridges are perfectly compatible with all existed LTO1, LTO 2, LTO-3, LTO4 and LTO-5 Ultrium tape drives. The LTO Cleaning tapes can perform in either drive generation firmware, but if the firmware is not matched with UCC then users must contact with the manufacture for further details it can be upgraded with the help of software. The LTO Tapes should use when the Ultrium drives indicate for head cleaning through an indicator LED, the Cleaning procedure just very simple and easy, inserts the UCC and it will take 2~5 minute to clean the head, after cleaning the drive's Head, the Cleaning Cartridge automatically ejected from the drive.

Type Maxell 183804 LTO Cleaning Cartridge
Usage Up to 50 Cleanings Cycles
Weight 2lb


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