Maxell 183850 LTO-2 Backup Tape

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183850 is an open standard that based on linear, multi-channel, and bi-directional 12.65mm wide tape format offering brilliant dependability and performance with soaring capacity. The second wonderful generation of Maxell LTO Ultrium media cartridge offers special enhancement in storage capacity with 200GB native and 400GB compressed with very high and protected data transfer speed of 40MB/Sec native and 80MB/Sec compressed. Enlarged data tracks with 512 compare to the 384 in first LTO 1 tape. The Ultrium media format intended for better capacity, first-rate single-reel version of LTO standard, rather corresponding for backup, restore, and archival compliance. Maxell 183850 included with a non-contact LTO-CM (4KB memory chip) that talented to contact Ultrium tape drives by RF (Radio Frequency) can perform reading and writing data of its archives. The memory chip assist Ultrium 2 tape drives to right to use desired information with high safety. The second-generation LTO Ultrium media cartridge employs a constant dual servo system. This dual servo format is pre-write on the media cartridge throughout cartridges developing measures. If one servo system of Maxell 183850 lto-2 tape stops working, or if a segment of the servo policy on the cartridge becomes spoil, the drive’s head will continue to tracking by the following second servo system.


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Type Maxell LTO-2 200GB/400GB Backup Tape
Recording Standard Ultrium 2
Native Capacity 200 GB
Compressed Capacity 400 GB
Tape Length 609 m


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