Maxell 183906 LTO-4 Backup Tape

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Maxell 183906 introduced the most exceptional format with brilliant data storage capacity, speed, durability, and superior performance. Maxell uses its most reliable patented NeoSMART technology to enhanced fourth version of LTO Ultrium tape generations. Improved and latest developed Ultra fine ceramic armored metal particles with superior power and excellent recording presentations and better reliable base film quality offers a massive data storage capacity with 800GB native and 1600GB compressed data. The high quality base film with better dimensional inflexibility confirm consistent and tough for high recordings as well as for archival storage with very high data transfer speed 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec with compressed data. The 183906 perfect Servo writing technologies which Maxell developed originally for its next generation media tapes and make it sure ideal, precise and stable Servo features and higher tracking consistency. Corresponding to increased data track compactness from early LTO Ultrium, storage tape formats. Excellent quality base film increased by 896 data tracks with 820M long tapes plus 12.65mm tape width. Maxell LTO4 has built in non-contact 8KB memory chip which capable to store historical records and make easy the LTO Ultrium drive extremely high speed data access to cartridge reliant data for correct load and unloading. Maxell added hardware based 256-bit data encryption formation that able to protect archival data from unofficial access and perfectly guard data during very intense and high-speed data transactions. Outstanding and notably better data track density, Maxell LTO 4 tape is compatible with all brands LTO Ultrium tape with backward read and write compatibility and available= in WORM format.

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Type Maxell 800GB/1600GB LTO-4 Backup Tape
Format LTO
Cartridge Color Teal
Native Capacity 800GB (1.6TB)
Maximum Data Transfer Rate (Compressed) 120MB/sec(240 MB/sec)


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