Maxell 184030 DLT-S4 Backup Tape

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The 184030 is a DLT-S4 tape cartridge DLT cartridges are half-inch tapes. DLT-S4 cartridges such as the Maxell 184030 were the highest capacity available tape cartridges during the period when it was released in late 2006 and until the likes of LTO-4 and SAIT-2 were released and matched the capacity bit for bit. The 184030 DLT-S4 tape cartridge has a capacity of 800 GB native and 1.6 TB of compressed data.
Product Name Maxell DLT-S4 Backup Tape 800GB / 1.6TB
Product Type Storage media
Native Capacity 800 GB
Compressed Capacity 1.6TB



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