FUJI 26200014 LTO Cleaning Cartridge

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The LTO Ultrium technology is developed by HP, IBM and Quantum. They are reliable manufacturer of Ultrium tape drives which is compatible with different Cleaning tape. But Fuji is the first manufacturer who developed the Universal type I, S and H respectively. The Fuji reliable 26200014 is a UCC (Universal Cleaning Cartridge) and has remarkable compatibility with all manufacturers LTO Ultrium Tape Drives LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 and offer maximum head cleaning capacity through excellent performance. The modern day's drives are capable and designed to monitor the Drive Head condition when they required the cleaning they indicate the users.

The 26200014 Cleaning tape is capable to clean head for minimum 15 and maximum 50 times, But it depends upon the Ultrium drive many drive allowed more than 50 cleanings process with one tape and some are not allowed more than 15 times. So its mean that users or cartridge cannot set the limits of cleaning processes it is set by the tape drive. The Fuji LTO Cleaning Cartridge has embedded with a reliable LTO-CM and it is able to communicate with tape drive during cleaning processes. When Ultrium tape drive come in the cleaning manner if well-matched. If the CM shows the Cleaning Cartridge is known as a mismatched kind, it will not be employs and drive inform as unacceptable Cleaning Media.
The Fujifilm Ultrium tape drive uses the LTO-CM to hold the index of the amount of times the Fuji LTO Cleaning Tapes have been utilized. When The Ultrium tape drive observes that a Cleanign Cartridge has previously been by means of the utmost number of times it will not use the LTO Cleaning Tapes, and the drive will indicate as the Expired Cleanign Cartridge.  The LTO Tape is very reliable and exceptional for cleaning processes and keep the drive head as well cartridge in very good shape and enhanced their compatibility through very long periods of time.
Product Name Fuji LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge
Type Cleaning cartridge - LTO Ultrium
Weight 2lb
Tape Length 319 m
Manufacturer Fuji


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