FUJI 26220001-BULK LTO-2 Backup Tape

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26220001-BULK media cartridge offers trustworthy fabulous capacity and facilitates extensive archival existence. The second generation of Fuji LTO Ultrium tapes improved with 200GB native and 400GB compressed data storage capacity with speedy and lead data transfer rate of 40MB/Sec native and 80MB/Sec compressed. These two highest level character are easy to get to through Fuji patented ATOMM technology that present first-rate coating, spreading, and use of finest magnetic metal particles, help to make outstanding quality base film with increased 512 data tracks on half inch wide and 609M long tape. Fuji 26220001-BULK has an improve servo system that offers precise and firm data read and write ability with more even and perfect performance that enlarge the constancy of second generation media cartridge. A 4KB noncontact memory chip fitted within cartridge with absolute directory about the well-matched devices and cartridge procedure history. The memory chip assists Ultrium 2 tape drives to get to correct locations of Fuji LTO2 Bulk Tapes preferred data with very soaring speed and safety. The second LTO Ultrium media cartridges are friendly with all existed Ultrium 2 tape drives by a variety of brands and offers brilliant read and write ability with previous LTO 1 media cartridges. The Fujifilm ATOMM technology enhanced efficiency and performance of this brilliant storage media.
New replacement part # 600003229

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Product Name Fuji 200GB/400GB LTO-2 Backup Tape
Product Type Storage media - LTO Ultrium
Native Capacity 200 GB
Compressed Capacity 400 GB
Tape Length 609 m
Recording Standard Ultrium 2
Features ATOMM dual-coating technology


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