FUJI 26247007 LTO-4 Backup Tape

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Fuji 26247007 is the fourth version of The LTO Ultrium tape format that is based on Fuji Film patented NONOCUBIC skinny film coating procedure and NANO dispersion method resulting in excellent very high data storage capacity and better quality to meet with continued growing data storage requirements of small and medium size enterprise class storage sever settings. The Fuji LTO4 tape feature remarkable improvement due to improved base film quality with better data storage capacity of 800GB native and 1600GB with compressed data with improved data transfer speed of 120 MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec with compressed data. Fuji Film patented complete Sub micron metal coating feasible, a thinner layer needed in order to get high recording compactness. The results are an eminent quality, low S/R noise, above all thin magnetic layer that is the foundation for the 26247007 media cartridge high quality recording. These reliable features promote base film with smoothness and glossy surface and capable to have 896 data tracks, 820M long tape lengths with 12.65mm tape width. Through the utilization of multi channel recording technology, LTO 4 feature outstanding enormous capacity and data transfer speed. As the longest tape length that increased, there is common leaning of increased strain on the hub with the probable risk of a causing hub deformation. This may lead to surprising bending, such as tape edge spoil or other physical irregularity in order to keep away from such hub bending; Fuji film has made stronger the hub structure in Fuji 26247007 tape from being relevant a new design with new fabric. As a result, Fuji Film productively realizes both running constancy in the drive and extremely reliable archival life anticipation. Fuji LTO-4 is compatible with all brands of LTO Ultrium 4 tape drive with backward read and writes compatibility with LTO 3 and LTO2 tapes. 

New replacement part # 15716800

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Format Fujifilm 800GB/1600GB LTO-4 Backup Tape
Capacity 800 GB (1.6 TB with 2:1 compression)
Data Transfer Rate 120 MB/s Native; 240 MB/s (Compressed)


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