FUJI 26300001 SDLT-1 Backup Tape

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The Fuji 26300001 is a replacement for the discontinued part Fuji 26130001.  As such one can say that the Fuji 26300001 is just a repackaged form of the 26130001 because there are no major changes to the specifications of the tape media as such. Hence the worthy customer can readily determine that the Fuji 26300001 SDLT-1 tape cartridge also has 160 GB native and 320 GB compressed memory. Similarly, the Fuji 26300001 also has a 16 MB/s native and 32 MB/s compressed transfer rate. The Fuji 26300001 is compatible with both the SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 tape drives and auto-libraries.
Product Name Fuji SDLT Data Cartridge 160/320 GB
Type Storage media - Super DLT
Native Capacity 160 GB
Compressed Capacity 320 GB
Recording Standard SDLT


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