Imation 26592-BULK LTO-4 Backup Tape

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Imation 26592-BULK varied with linear, Bi directional format and multi channel formats with improved betters in Servo technology, track layout, data compression, and failure rectification. The consequences are a reliable and most dependable media that offer exceptional performance and almost the double the storage capacity of LTO 3 data storage tapes. Imation 26592 also improved recording density with impressive increased data storage capacity 800GB native and 1600GB compressed with fast and reliable data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed. Imation patented Tera Angstrom technology offers better coating techniques and best formulation of Ultra fine metal particles through high quality dispersion system and create an excellent base film that is able to hold 896 data tracks with 820M long tape and 12.65mm wide. This remarkable robust tape arrangement that is improve through Imation patented Corner Snap technique which keeps the Leader Pin perfectly in fixed positions during any sort of use. The 26592-BULK tape is firmly closed and air tight to keep away from failure that mostly caused from debris entering the cartridge, as a result better and solid design helping and making sure that the tape streams constantly to extreme read and write ability. Imation uses unique three-part tape spool layout sharing pressure more evenly over the other tape format which carries two part spools. The LTO4 is a perfect, brilliant, and high-quality tape format with excellent Servo Writing course that optimized tape tracking and assists and make sure correct read and write, make possibly the best in class Position Error Signal (PES) better performance to minimize servo off track failures and better overall data transfer speeds. Imation LTO 4 Bulk Ultrium tape format fixed with AES a hardware 256-Bit Encryption for more data protection during fast and intense data transactions. The Imation WORM cartridge is available with more data protection.

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Type Imation 800GB/1600GB LTO-4 Backup Tape
Storage case Storage case
Native Capacity 800 GB
Compressed Capacity 1.6 TB
Tape Length 820 m


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