IBM 35L2086 LTO Cleaning Cartridge

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IBM offers exceptional IBM 35L2086 Cleaning Cartridge through the complete reliability and excellent quality Head cleaning processes and to preserve the operating and running competence of the Ultrium tape drive. The every Ultrium drive and library decide when it's required to be cleaned and aware through very high tech software or firmware LED indicator. The better and reliable automatic cleaning process uses the 35L2086 cleaning tape to routinely clean the drive or you are needed to select set of choices to begin cleaning drive's head.

The IBM LTO Cleaning Cartridge is exceptionally designed to make it certain the right attitude of concern for each and every particular Ultrium tape drive. Most of the cartridges are designed to job in combination through the cleaning procedure in the Ultrium tape drive's hardware to make certain that their presentation and consistency are not compromised. Do not risk your very critical and valuable information and keep your Ultrium drive perfectly clean in result improve your component's existence and performance. 

The Cleaning procedure is very simple but before use must be verified the compatibility of your drive and LTO tapes, if you have old model which is manufactured before 2002 then these drives need upgrading with modern software of firmware modifications. Just insert the cartridge and it will take about 2~5 minutes to complete the cleaning process. The tape drive automatically ejects the UCC after the cleaning Head. The capability of Cleaning cartridge depends on drive specification some Ultrium drives allow more than 50 cleaning cycles and some just 15 times if you try to insert expired cartridge the Ultrium drive will eject it and indicate as the expired cartridge. These are compatible with all existed LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, and LTO-5 Ultrium tape drives. offers an excellent variety of computing products, parts, networking components and different kind of magnetic and optical media for backup and storage requirements. IT Devices also offer special discount price of LTO Cleaning Tapes and related LTO products.

General Information
Manufacturer/Supplier: IBM
Manufacturer Part Number: 35L2086
Brand Name: IBM
Product Name: IBM 35L2086
Product Type: Cleaning cartridge - LTO Ultrium
Technical Information
Tape Technology: LTO Ultrium
Storage Capacity: 800 GB
Compressed Capacity: 2:1 compression
Tape Length: 2690 ft (820 m)
Tape Record Formats: LTO Ultrium 800 GB rewritable Data Cartridge (800/1.6 TB*)
Weight 2lb
Environmental Conditions
Operating conditions: 50-113° F (10-45° C); 10-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
Short-term storage conditions: 61-95° F (16-35° C); 20-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
Long-term storage conditions: 61-77° F (16-25° C); 20-50% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max


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