Tandberg Data 432631 LTO Cleaning Cartridge

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Tadberg Data offers 432631 Cleaning Cartridge compatible with all tape drive LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4 and LTO-5 Data Cartridges. Every Ultrium technology cartridge and tape drives are perfectly designed to work in very intensive and non stop backup and storage operations. They need frequent maintenance with cleaning tapes to carry on their reliability and compatibility to each other. The Ultrium tape drives performing thousands of read and write process through drive head and other components. The continuing use of it becomes polluted through magnetic stain and they must have to clean with reliable Tandberg LTO Cleaning Tape.

How to Use:

The cleaning process is very easy to use with modern days Ultrium tape drives as they are fully equipped with software which indicate through an LED when the cleaning is required. Just turn the Tape drive power on and then modern Ultrium tape drives start self test, they acquire Tandberg Data Cleaning Cartridge and it take few minute to clean the head and after the processes drive will ejected cartridge automatically. New drives also able to monitor the drive condition frequently and when they find any debris on the head they indicate through special LED and ask for cleaning.

These LTO tapes are normally designed for maximum 50 uses but most of the drive uses these cartridges for only 15 times off according to their specification. And they will not use a cartridge over its average capacity, if any one try to use a cleaning cartridge more than its capability it will eject it  and do not allow further cleaning processes and indicate media tape as an expired cartridge. All universal cleaning cartridge is perfectly planned and designed for every tape drive format with the Ultrium Logo of LTO consortium specifications. And the total amount of cleaning capacity is also based on different manufacturer Ultrium tape drive requirements. The users of these LTO Cleaning cartridges must keep the cleaning record to make sure the better and reliable cleaning process throughout.

Product Name Tandberg Data LTO Universal Cleaning Tape Cartridge
Type Cleaning cartridge - LTO Ultrium
Weight 2lb
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium
Manufacturer Tandberg Data


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