Tandberg 433926 LTO-4 Backup Tape

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433926 is better and elegant addition in Tandberg sturdy collection of Linear Tape Open media. Enhanced with the superior storage capacity two times from LTO-3, 800GB native and 1600GB of compressed with more fast and protected data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed array. A well designed Grabber System and automatic interlock design to keep away from leader pin breakdown and the most attentive sensors sense its abnormalities that can spoil the cartridge and its important data. The Tandberg 433926 is conventional with simple tape path to minimize wear and tear that caused by the debris through tape expansion that is significant in regular structure. A 8KB non-contact memory chip built in through manufacturing of LTO 4 cartridge that offers super presentation and helps Ultrium 4 drives, automated libraries and autoloaders with speed up the access to the cartridge preferred information with exact locations. Tandberg Data brand competent with Tandberg stipulation tests, which enclose load, and unload, drop, mishandling, capability, and appearance test and make it certain greatest inflexibility for backup and re-establish important and most valuable data. Tandberg present absolute reassurance that this LTO Ultrium 4 media cartridge will work for up to 30 years of steady archival life. The superior capacity, higher speed, and compatibility make guarantees that these are ideal and steadfast media format for the rising load of classify data protection and archiving. The Tandberg Data LTO4 Tape media cartridges are also available with WORM cartridges that offer excellent data protection through non-writeable, non-delectable, and non-tampering features. The newly added hardware based AES 256-bit encryption formation gives more protection to the data with preventing the data loss during transactions.

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Product Description Tandberg Data 20PK LTO-4 Backup Tape 800GB/1600GB
Product Type Data Cartridge
Storage Capacity 800 GB (Native)/1.60 TB (Compressed)
Packaged Quantity 20
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 4 (Read/Write)



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