Tandberg Data 433948 LTO-2 Backup Tape

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433948 are better and graceful accumulation in Tandberg sturdy group of Linear Tape Open media. Improved with the elevated storage capacity two times from LTO-1, 200GB native and 400GB of compressed with more fast and secure data transfer speed of 40MB/Sec native and 80MB/Sec compressed arrangement. A superior well-designed Grabber system and mechanical interlock plan to avoid leader pin failure and the most alert sensors sense its irregularities that can mess up the cartridge. The Tandberg 433948 projected with straightforward tape trail to shrink wear and tear that caused by the debris through tape growth that is noteworthy in regular structure. A 4KB non-contact memory chip integral through manufacturing of cartridge, which offers terrific performance and assist Ultrium 2 drives with accelerate the contact to the cartridge most wanted information. Tandberg LTO2 Tape brand competent with Tandberg condition tests, which enfold load, and unload, fall, distress, ability, and appearance test and make sure utmost firmness for backup and re-establish noteworthy data. Tandberg present absolute reassurance that this LTO Ultrium media cartridge will work for up to 30 years of consistent archival life. The elevated capacity, superior speed, and compatibility make assurance that these are perfect and reliable media format for the escalating load of organize data conservation and archiving.

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Product Description Tandberg Data LTO-2 Backup Tape 200GB/400GB
Product Type Data Cartridge
Storage Capacity 200GB/ (Native)/400GB (Compressed)
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium - LTO-2
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 2 (Read/Write)


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