TDK 48989 LTO-4 Backup Tape

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TDK 48989 is the next generation of LTO Ultrium tape design, and enhanced with data storage and fast dependable speed. TDK LTO 4 format is the world first data media tape that has approved certification testing by the CVE (Compliance Verification Entity) the association accountable for LTO regularity. TDK increased storage capacity with huge 800GB native and 1600GB with compressed data and offers fast and rapid 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec of compressed data with more security and reliability of information, and it is an ideal backup storage format for modern days high speed and larger data storage servers. TDK 48989 LTO-4 Tape is ideal solution for the modern days networks boost in capability and complexity, the quantity of data that have to be manage continues to add to obviously, creating insist for storage option through superior capacity and faster data transfer speed than earlier LTO Ultrium formation. TDK always focuses and working close with LTO Ultrium tape drive producers to develop tape products that perform faultlessly with the LTO Ultrium tape drives in which they are suppose to use. TDK LTO-4 has an 8KB Memory Chip or LTO-CM that is able to store important usage history of cartridge, and offers fast and reliable access to cartridge data with perfection and less time during very tough load and unload process. TDK also improved overall data protection through two most reliable features one is WORM which protect data and prevent it from overwriting and erasing as well it protect the data from alternation. The lto4 48989 added hardware based AES 256-bit data encryption and protect data during very fast and sensitive transaction. This media format is compatible with all branded LTO Ultrium tape drives, has backward read, and write ability with earlier LTO tape formats.

More Brands of LTO-4 Tapes
Product Description TDK 800GB/1600GB LTO-4 Backup Tape
Product Type Data Cartridge
Storage Capacity 800 GB (Native)/1.60 TB (Compressed)
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium - LTO-4
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 4 (Read/Write)


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