TDK 61857 LTO-5 Backup Tape

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TDK 61857 LTO-5 tape with improved data storage capacity of 1.5 Terabytes (native) and 3.0 Terabytes (compressed), through impressive and lighting data transfer rate well over 140MB/Sec (native) and 280MB/Sec (compressed). To accomplish this superior storage capacity, the recording tape for LTO 5 uses base film that is half inch wide with increased 1,280 data tracks compare to 896 tracks for LTO4 and increase the base film length by 846M. The LTO5 tape made with well-improved magnetic metal particles coating formula with very small and thinner particles that make base film smoother, flat, and permit cartridge for long operational life and ability with additional recording density. TDK 61857 also equipped with many other reliable features like WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality that was debuted in LTO3 and now constant part of Linear Tape Open concept protect compliance regulatory data from overwriting, deleting, and modification. A power full component non-contact memory chip with 8KB storage capacity and helps Ultrium 5 drives to reach desired data with very high speed. The superior servo track systems that enable excellent read and write performance with more accuracy and stability. Improved and advance 256-bit encryption system AES enhanced techniques make certain steady head contact for better data transfer speed and the best protection for critical and very sensitive data and prevent from losses. TDK LTO5 tapes are compatible with LTO Ultrium 5 tape drive with backward and interchangeable abilities with LTO 4 and LTO3.

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Product Description TDK 1500GB/3000GB LTO-5 Backup Tape
Product Type Data Cartridge
Durability 20000 Head Passes
Tape Length 2776 ft Storage
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium - LTO-5
Drive Supported LTO Ultrium 5 (Read/Write)



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