Sony SDX3-100C AIT-3 Backup Tape

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Sony next generation SDX3-100C improved with all basic features as well high capacity and more dependability. Thanks to the Sony most reliable and innovative technologies and knowledge, the third generation of AIT format able to accomplishes outstanding data densities in a compact 8mm cartridge. Much more solid than other existed magnetic tape formats this best space-saving media cartridge of corresponding capacity. The data storage capacity increased with 100GB native and 260GB of compressed with excellent data transfer speed of 12Mb/Sec. The AIT 3 uses most experienced and reliable Helical Scan technology for read and writes data, this technology already used in many other products like VCR (Video Cassette Recorder). 

Sony AIT3 media carefully and precisely store ever-increasing amounts of information and offering a wide range of lineup of depended media products that remain make use of the most modern and advanced technology to contain a wide range of requests. Sony being as the founder of AIT storage media format, enthusiastic to meet important and sensitive storage requirements and entrusts by core characteristic, specifically, excellence, consistency, performance, and knowledge. The Sony AIT-3 Tape uses some of the most dependable technologies to improve the next generation of tapes.

In the AIT3 format, Sony has utilized many innovated technologies as well improved basic features sophisticated and confirmed over many years. Since the first cartridge, develop back in 1996, the AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology, and conventional high approval from data storage specialized for the exceptional consistency of its knowledge. The AME enables AIT Tapes SDX3-100C to improve better recording density as well cartridge durability. The third generation is using of latest method of be appropriate the magnetic layer to the tape, a compulsory coating film, and a finest lubricant for better and constant operation. A reliable non-contact MIC (Memory in Cassette) also improves the data access, communicates with tape drive during load, and unloads processes.

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Type Storage media - AIT
Tape Cartridge AIT-3
Native Capacity 100 GB
Compressed Capacity 260 GB
Tape Length 230 m
Features Remote Memory in Cassette (R-MIC), Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME)
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 5 °C
Max Operating Temperature 45 °C
Humidity Range Operating 20 - 80%


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