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IT Devices

  • HP 1000 Series Switc
    HPE 1920-24G-PoE+ - switch - 24 ports - managed - desktop, rack-mountable

    Part NoJG926A


    • Power Supplies and F
      Cisco - power supply - 250 Watt

      Part NoPWR-C2-250WAC


      • Power Supplies and F
        Cisco - power supply - 1025 Watt

        Part NoPWR-C2-1025WAC


        • Power Supplies and F
          Cisco - power supply - hot-plug / redundant - 1000 Watt

          Part NoPWR-4450-POE-AC


          • Power Supplies and F
            Cisco - power supply - 450 Watt

            Part NoPWR-4450-AC


            • Cisco ASA 5505 Serie
              Cisco - power adapter

              Part NoASA5506-PWR-AC


              • Cisco Catalyst 3750
                L-C3750X-24-L-E Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series License

                Part NoL-C3750X-24-L-E


                • Power Supplies and F
                  Cisco - power supply - hot-plug / redundant - 350 Watt

                  Part NoPWR-C1-350WAC-2


                  • HP 3600 Switch Serie
                    HP 3600-48-PoE+ v2 EI Switch - Switch - L3 - managed - 48 ports

                    Part NoJG302A


                    • Cisco Catalyst 3750
                      L-C3750X-24-L-S Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series License

                      Part NoL-C3750X-24-L-S


                      • Cisco Catalyst 3750
                        L-C3750X-48-L-S Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series License

                        Part NoL-C3750X-48-L-S


                        • Power Supplies and F
                          Cisco C3K-PWR-750WAC Power Supply

                          Part NoC3K-PWR-750WAC


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Welcome to IT Devices

IT Devices is one of leading retailers of various storage and backup devices, hard drives, magnetic tapes, and optical disks. IT Devices providing an innovative online shopping perceptive, and offers the wide variety of storage and backup products at the most affordable prices. Itdevices carries thousands of storage products and the inventory is regularly being revises with latest products. We consistently focus on carrying our customers to the unique and reliable online shopping experience from your own seat. We have thousands of quality, reliable and reasonable storage products that provided according the requirements of your business.

Data storage tapes can be reliable against likely computer problems or they can be use to transfer important and valuable data. IT Devices offers various storage formats for secure uses and dimensions. The AIT tape major function is to store information or manage the backups and made to enclose certain requirements. We are also offering all generations of DLT tape and SDLT tape with original quality, various brands, at very affordable prices. Continuously offers campaigns around the year according to the occasions with discounts and other services that are appropriate for the customers.

We provide grantees on every Hard Drives that are acquiring directly from the different prominent manufacturer. Whatever you want internal or external storage devices, DDS Tape, optical disk, LTO Tapes, or any other storage format we focused to provide these high tech solutions. We affiliated with leading manufacturers of storage devices like IBM, HP, Sony, Maxell, TDK, Imation, Quantum, Dell, Tandberg, and Fujifilm and directly purchasing from them. We are also dealing with some unique and prior storage magnetic tapes like 4mm tape, DTF tape media, and many other format that are very rare to find. IT Devices are offers consistent services and solutions according to your requirements and business measurement. We are 24x7 and around the year available for customer services.

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